• Going Into The Lake Water Is Strictly Prohibited.
  • Entering without a life-saving jacket in the river is strictly prohibited.
  • You may expect to see bachelors, families & couple at the same place. The place is ideal for all kinds of groups.
  • Music Time is 9:00 pm to 12:30 pm.
  • Smoking Inside Tent Is Not Allowed.
  • Washroom facilities are common for everyone.
  • While doing water sports follow safety rules.
  • Charging points are available on the campsite.
  • Campfire and outdoor activities can be canceled in bad weather conditions.
  • Before doing any adventure Activity on the campsite take the guidance of the campsite host.
  • Bonfire is common or separate for everyone it depends on the campsite.
  • Do not carry costly Items at the campsite. pawnaadventure will not be responsible If lost.
  • Bone fire may not be possible in case it is raining.
  • Do not misbehave with other people on the campsite.
  • Some Camping is under the sheds in the monsoon season.

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